Venue: KSL, Karen Campus

Duration: 4

Fee: 34,000.00 KSh

Non East African Fee: 0.00 KSh

Date: 31 January 2022 to 03 February 2022

Enquiries: 0724398989 or 0715843101

Course Programme

31 January 2022 to 03 February 2022

The goal of Legal Audit & Compliance Course is to equip the young lawyer with the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake legal audit and compliance assignment for clients or their institutions, with the ultimate aim of helping client institutions to entrench the culture of strict adherence to constitutional, statutory, policy and administrative requirements, as well as best practices.

The participant will learn about the objectives of legal audits, the benefits thereof. The Course will have many sessions devoted to practical activities simulating the various stages of an actual legal audit exercise. 

By the end of the course the participant will be equipped to:

a) Advise their clients or respective organizations on constitutional and legal compliance requirements and prepare them for external compliance audits;

b) Determine legal risk parameters;

c) Develop request for proposals, terms of reference for a legal audit;

d) Develop a responsive proposal for legal audit consultancy;

e) Prepare for inception meeting;

f) Prepare work plans, audit schedules and data collection instruments;

g) Develop and populate a legal audit matrix;

h) Carry out data analysis;

i) Write the legal audit report (including an inception report);

j) Evaluate an external auditor’s report.

Theme: Legal Audit & Compliance

CPD Points: 3