Venue: Kenya School of Law Karen Campus

Duration: 5 days

Fee: 58,500.00 KSh

Non East African Fee: 100,000.00 KSh

Date: 13 February 2023 to 17 February 2023

Enquiries: +254 20 2699581

Course Programme

13 February 2023 to 17 February 2023

About the Course

The development of institutions in Kenya has seen enforcement roles being played more and more by specialised agencies. This is because the agencies have specialised knowledge in their areas of operation. Most legal instruments setting up specialised agencies to play a regulatory or enforcement role do also provide penalties for breach of the obligations thereby imposed, and give power to the relevant institutions to investigate and, in some cases, to prosecute offenders for contravention of the applicable law. Often the law provides for appointment of inspectors to prosecute offenders.

Institutions are also increasingly setting up legal departments with registries that handle, process and store various documents of a legal nature, a role that is played by legal clerks. It is important therefore that such inspectors, clerks and enforcement officers, be equipped with skills to discharge their responsibilities or to assist in investigating breaches of the laws which they enforce. Such skills relate to handling, processing and storing relevant documents, and skills on how to effectively present in court evidence gathered during investigation and enforcement processes.

This five-day skills-based course is designed to provide and reinforce the indispensable basic knowledge, skills and attitude for inspectors, legal clerks and enforcement officers who do not have background in law or a prior legal training. The course will meet the needs of both the beginners as well as those with previous experience in inspection, investigation and law office registry management.

 Course Content Outline

This course seeks to equip the participant with a working knowledge in investigation, legal records handling and court room skills. The topics to be covered will include:

·         An introduction to legal systems and legal methods; principles of criminal law, and the law of evidence.

·         Principles of investigative interviewing and statement recording;

·         Prosecution policy;

·         Preparation of a prosecution file, report writing and case management;

·         Records handling and processing;

·         Criminal procedure, court etiquette and ethics; 

·         Court process and steps of a court trial.

Intended Outcomes

It is expected that at the end of the course a participant should be able to handle all aspects of investigation, legal documentation and presentation of evidence before court.

Faculty: The School has assembled a team of experienced trainers on the various subjects that will be covered in the training.

Target Participants

This Course is recommended for:

  • Managers, supervisors and inspectors with regulatory and enforcement roles, working with agencies including County governments and State corporations;

  • Officers in private practice, public institutions NGOs and other agencies that handle or manage legal documentation.  

  • Records managers and officers with private organisations in public institutions NGOs and other agencies that handle or manage legal documentation.



A certificate will be issued to the participants who attend the entire course.


Application Process: Applicants are encouraged to register online at

For further enquiries and information, contact Isaac, Samuel or Jacqueline on: Tel Wireless +254(020) 2699581/6; Email:;;;

Theme: Gaining a working knowledge

CPD Points: 3